Grid Iron Results

Amongst many things, America would have to most noted for its football code of Gridiron. The field is inscribed with parallel lines that look like a Gridiron. Often referred to as football in America, we know of it as Gridiron in Australia. It is one of the best spectator sports in the world and the hype of Gridiron is enough to keep betting and viewing exciting.

You can bet on the American Gridiron and view updated Gridiron results all online. Don’t feel you need to spend the money or take time off work to fly to the U.S. to get that viewing and betting experience. You can place a bet online on your favourite Gridiron player or team. Follow the entire season all online. Look at past Grid Iron results at your online bookie’s site. Make an informed decision about what type of bet and for who you should bet – all online. This can be done in the comfort of your own home whilst kicking back and relaxing. It can even be done while at the office.

Gridiron in Australia

Gridiron arrived in Australia in 1983. The first team was created in Melbourne. In 1984, the first game between Victoria (Melbourne) and New South Wales (Sydney) was played. Then in 1989, the Grand Prix Challenge took place. This involved an interstate (Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia) competition. In 1991, the National Gridiron League of Australia was established. This was then replaced by Gridiron Australia in 1994.

Although Australia does have its own Gridiron competition, Gridiron in America is like nothing else on Earth. It is on a level of its own. The salaries, the advertising dollars, the celebrity, and the drama. View it, bet on it, and have the time of your life – all with your online bookie.

Grid Iron Rules

American football – Gridiron – is very different to our football codes in Australia. In order for you to place a bet on a Gridiron game and understand the Gridiron results, it is necessary to know a number of basic rules and terms.

Like with any other sporting game, your mission is to get more points than your opponent. You can either score by kicking the football over the goal or by carrying it across. There are a number of different scores you can make that add to the Gridiron results. These basics include: touchdowns; conversions; safety; and field goals. Touchdowns are when the opposite team has the ball and crosses the other team’s goal line. This is worth six points. The conversion is when there has been a touchdown and the team is provided with another opportunity to score again. This can be done via a kick over the goal post (one point) or a pass or run (two points). The safety is when the side that is defending tackles the person carrying the ball from the other side in the defending side’s end zone. This is two points. There is also a field goal where a team kicks the ball between the goals and above the uprights. This is three points.

To actually get the ball down to the goal posts, a side is given four opportunities – otherwise known as downs – to get the ball ten yards ahead. If they are successful, the team starts the four opportunities all over again and so on and so on. Prior to these four opportunities, the team forms a huddle. This is the meeting you see taking place on the field whereby the quarterback gives a detailed description of what the play will be.

The types of play that you may see in Gridiron are the offensive lineman; running backs (fullback and tailback); quarterback; and receiver. The offensive linemen is when five team members are used to defend the player who has the ball or needs time to pass the ball. The fullback is the big man of the team. He charges straight ahead and is the one you often see with players hanging from him. The tailback is the track star and is used for his running abilities during plays. While the quarterback often begins the plays and then passes it to another team member.

The Super Bowl

Without doubt, the highlight of American Gridiron is the Super Bowl. This is like the grand finals. Played on Super Bowl Sunday, it is like the Melbourne Cup over here, in that it is the game that stops the nation. For all the lead up to the Super Bowl, you can find the Gridiron results online where you are able to place your next Gridiron wager.

Forget about having to fly over to watch and bet on the Super Bowl or any Gridiron game for that matter. There is no need. You can bet online, at home. It has never been simpler and more convenient. You don’t have to miss out on having a wager on one of the biggest sporting events in the world – the American Gridiron Super Bowl.

Super Bowl XLVII will once again stop the nation as the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens do battle at Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The United States will be divided as both the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens have extremely large fan bases.